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At Maxie’s, we are committed to producing quality products. This is because at the heart of our business lies our passion to offer consumers safe, nutritious and quality food that comply with international standards.

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“Grow better in providing consumer-assured nutritional values in a socially acceptable manner.”


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Established in 1979, Maxies and Company (Private) Limited is one of the market leaders in sourcing and producing chicken meat and eggs in Sri Lanka. With a commitment towards excellence and the drive to produce high-quality chicken meat, our humble aim, in the beginning, was to offer nutritious, safe, and internationally certified products to the market. Over the years, this has become our cornerstone, helping us carve out a reputation in the poultry industry, and exceed the expectations of our customers.


With the ever-changing needs of the market, our approach to meat production has drastically changed since its inception, adapting to new techniques, and modern technology. Presently, we are equipped with a fully automated state-of-the-art poultry processing plant paired with the latest installations of de-feathering, evisceration, screw chilling and grading.

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