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At Maxie’s, we are committed to producing quality products. This is because at the heart of our business lies our passion to offer consumers safe, nutritious and quality food that comply with international standards.

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“Grow better in providing consumer-assured nutritional values in a socially acceptable manner.”


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water Read Our Story Maxie House (Private) Limited is a limited liability company incorporated and domiciled in Sri Lanka under the Companies Act Number 07 of 2007, conducting business for over 35 years. Maxie House is operating as a related business of the Maxies premier chicken brand in Sri Lanka and guarantees its quality and service with a track record of over 35 + years. Vision & Mission Where We Are
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“Our purpose of existence is to introduce sustainable innovative solutions to our valued customers, increasing shareholder value and the life standard of our employees while adhering to world norms and standards.” Vision “To be the market leader enhancing the efficiency of use of natural water resources for the sustainability of the nation.” Mission

Our Products

Commercial Water Filtering Plants

We offer advanced and innovative water treatment solutions tailored to suit industrial clients. We cater to a wide range of applications depending on the nature of the business and quality of the untreated water.

Domestic Water Filtering Systems

We offer filtering Systems that remove impurities and sediments in water purifying via RO, UV, enriching minerals and the removal of unwanted substances in water.

Pumps & Related Spares

We offer submersible, surface pumps and multistage pumps designed for discharging wastewater, sewage and drainage systems, pumping from deep wells and borewells. Further we have a series of filter cartridges, filter vessels and filter valves and softener valves.

Water Purification Chemicals

We are the authorised dealer in Sri Lanka for the Culligan series of chemicals for descaling, cooling tower, boiler, waste water.

Swimming Pool Accessories

We supply a wide range of pool equipment from filters, lighting, pumps, fittings and cleaning essentials for your pool maintenance.