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Established in 1979, Maxies and Company (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the market leaders in sourcing and producing chicken meat and eggs in Sri Lanka. With a commitment towards excellence, and the drive to produce high quality chicken meat, our humble aim in the beginning was to offer nutritious, safe and internationally-certified products to the market. Over the years, this has become our cornerstone, helping us carve a reputation in the poultry industry, and to exceed the expectations of our customers.

With the ever-changing needs of the market, our approach to meat production has drastically changed since inception, adapting to new techniques and modern technology. Presently, we are equipped with a fully automated state of the art poultry processing plant paired with the latest installations of de-feathering, evisceration, screw chilling, grading, etc.  

We have implemented effective management systems such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 14001:2004 in each and every step of our production systems to obtain our prime objectives. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), good hygiene practices (GHPs), good veterinary practices (GVPs), and strict bio security measures have been adapted from live bird growing at the farms, production processing to dispatch at our farm shop chain.

In everything we do, safety and hygiene have always been our main concern, and in this manner, each member of our staff follows stringent guidelines to ensure that our business stands by its corporate values. Along with this, each of our machineries is subjected to regular preventive maintenance programs, while ensuring the utmost levels of quality assurance. By providing excellent products, first class service and maintaining close working relationships, we have been able to remain as a top supplier for the highly competitive food market.

We have established a well managed farming system where all the necessary raw material (day old chicks, medicaments, feeds, etc) supply is done through approved suppliers. Live bird growing is carried out in environmentally controlled close houses in which highly skilled employees are engaged. Production cycle is improved to achieve market demand accordingly. Maxies golden yolk egg is produced with natural pigments, selenium, anti-oxidants & anti-aging supplements to enhance the immunity of human health.

As a sustainability tool both solid waste and waste water are treated in an environmental friendly manner.  Energy saving precautions, waste water treatment plant, bio gas system and generated solid waste are directed for recycling are some of the approaches we have taken in order to achieve sustainability.

With our customers' needs at the focal point of our business at all times, we recently developed a concept of open dialogue, through which we hope to discuss the industry's challenges - most of which spring from diverse cultural sentiments in Sri Lanka. With this in mind, we initiated a monthly newspaper called "Maxies - Wedabima" aimed at addressing these issues and creating an open communication culture at a large scale.

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